Reg@Tech workshop

Reg@Tech is a biannual series of invitation-only workshops hosted at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Reg@Tech brings together an exclusive group of regulators, academics, attorneys, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors to discuss regulation, self-regulation and co-regulation of digital assets from a multi-jurisdictional perspective.

Since the first Reg@Tech in 2017, the subject matters covered by workshops moved forward together with the fast-paced evolution of the industry. Beginning with the first two sessions of Reg@Tech on Regulatory Approaches to Token Offerings I and II (September 2017 and March 2018), the third session covered regulatory questions around Trading Infrastructure (September 2018). More recently, the workshop covered questions around Decentralized Finance (March 2019), and Decentralized Payment Systems (September 2019).

The sixth session of the Reg@Tech is scheduled for March 2020.

The events are conducted under Chatham House Rules to encourage open conversation and active interactive discussions. They are structured as experts’ roundtables to maximize engagement by the diverse participants.